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Dedicated drives

Dedicated drives are memory space in the form of HDD, adapted for continuous operation with a specific server model. They are mainly used for professional solutions, in companies whose business is based on working with large amounts of data.

Dedicated HDDs are adapted to the requirements of a specific environment and may differ in parameters, due to the functions they are to perform. These are manufacturer's equivalents, which are at a much better price.

Server Drives - Types

Although the majority of drives that run servers these days are based on SSD technology, you'll also find internal HDDs in our range to support QNAP and Synology servers. You can choose larger or smaller capacity drives, up to 20TB, which will work well if you're looking for a hard drive to store infrequently used files. In close fure will have 22TB, 24TB, 26TB and more.

Server drive specifications - what should I look for?

Wondering what to look for when choosing a dedicated drive? Several parameters decide about the possibilities of a given computer memory, being the basis of proper adjustment of a subassembly to the server and a specific functionality.

Capacity - if you want to create a functional server storage space, pay attention to the selection of a HDD with the appropriate capacity.

Endurance - HDDs can have a 2 to 5 year warranty. The least durable are consumer drives that are designed for occasional use (e.g. WD BLUE or BLACK series). A better solution are drives for NAS (warranty from 3 to 5 years) and monitoring (e.g.: RED, RED PRO, PURPLE, IRON WOLF, SKYHAWK). The highest guarantees and quality are offered by server and NAS drives, which always have a 5-year warranty and an MTBF of 2-2.5 million hours (e.g.: Western Digital Ultrastar or Seagate Exos). The best HDD for server and the best HDD for NAS.

Drive interface - the most common standards are SATA III (for both HDD and SSD) and SAS for higher performance devices. The type of interface must be adapted to the device and SAS drives cannot be used in devices that only have a SATA controller.
The dedicated drives we offer are suitable for server solutions in a variety of configurations. Adjust the parameters of the drive to the functionality of the server and you will gain a guarantee of the best efficiency and attractive price.

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